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The Korean Ministry of Education carried out an assessment of teachers, rate of retention, employment rate and management satisfaction and Woosuk university performed well. The university received the highest level of evaluation‘A’across the stated criteria.

Brief History


  • 1979. 01
    Jeonju Women’ s Woosuk College founded
  • 1980. 02
    The university becomes co-ed (Jeonju Woosuk College changed to Woosuk College)
  • 1982. 12
    Samnye campus opens
  • 1992. 03
    Promoted to university
  • 1995. 03
    Name changed to Woosuk University


  • 2000. 02
    Comprehensive Assessment Excellence University College Selection
  • 2002. 11
    Selected by the Ministry of the Province for Top University Program(Oriental Rehabilitation Research Project)
  • 2003. 08
    Department of Education University Program selected two years in a row(Oriental Culture Center Development Project)
  • 2004. 02
    Projects selected fostering local research universities(Health Care Development Project)
  • 09
    Establishment of the first national university in China and Korea China International Economic normal joint university
  • 2007. 04
    Selected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Cultural as a ‘specialized institution f’or two consecutive years
  • 2008. 05
    Selected by the Department of Justice as an‘ABT (Active Brain Tower) University’
  • 06
    Selected to house the‘2008 Regional Innovation Center (RIC)’
  • 08
    Selected to host ‘energy resources training projects’
  • 2009. 02
    College of Food Science is opened
  • 06
    Jeonbuk’s first Confucius Institute opened
  • 2010. 03
    Selected by the Ministry of Education for the Empowerment Education Support Project
  • 09
    Selected for the Rural Developmen‘rtecycling-based agricultural


  • 2011. 09
    Proclamation of the short- and long-term development plan‘Vision 2020 Woosuk’
  • 11
    Selected by the Ministry of Education for education donors
  • 2012. 04
    Selected by the Ministry of Education for Engineering Education Innovation Center supported projects
  • 2013. 02
    Council for University Education College Assessment Certification Authority
  • 06
    Selected college admissions capacity building support project for four years in a row
  • 2014. 03
    Jincheon campus opened
  • 05
    Rural Development Nurseries selected operating business consignment
  • 06
    Ministry of local university specialization projects selected(Early Childhood Support Department, Taekwondo Department)
  • 10
    Selection by the Department of the Ministry of Education for specialization excellence (Taekwondo Department)
  • 12
    Nursing Education Assessment Certification


  • 2015. 03
    Students with disabilities welfare assessment fourth consecutive best college selection
  • 04
    Cosigning with selected daycares and kindergartens
  • 05
    Selection by the Ministry of Cooperation as a leading university
  • 09
    program Ministry of Education University Assessment obtaining the highest rating of ‘A’
  • 2016. 02
    Selected for the Institute of Social Enterprise Leadership Process
  • 03
    Selected for Three Industry Coupling projects(i-Cad Institute, K-Food Franchise, hi-CES Institute)
  • 03
    Selected for the KMOVE School Agency
  • 06
    Special Enterprise(Taekwondo) selected as a superior enterprise by the Ministry of Education
  • 09
    The Ministry of Education selected special enterprise
  • 09
    Selected as a Center of Lifelong Study by the Ministry of Education


  • 2017. 01
    Selected for the Institute of Social Enterprise Leadership Process(Two consecutive years)
  • 02
    Selected as a key university of national employment-scholarship project by Ministry of Education, Korea Scholarship Foundation
  • 03
    Acquired certificate of Korean medicine education evaluation by Korean Oriental Education Evaluation Institute
  • 04
    Selected as a LINC+ Project Leading University by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation
    Selected as the Best University in Industrial Field University Evaluation by Ministry of Education(Automotive Sector)
  • 05
    Selected as the K-MOVE School Management Organization by the Ministry of Employment and Labor (Two consecutive years)
  • 06
    Selected as the host organization for strengthening the competence of the rural area in Wanju-gun Samrye-eup by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • 06
    Selected as educational donation, career experience certified institution by Ministry of Education
    Selected as 2017 High School Education Contribution University Support Project by the Ministry of Education
  • 07
    Obtained ratification of Chinese-foreign joint program of Ministry of Education of China
  • 12
    Selected as a private commissioned management Institute for Wanju Business Incubation
    Selected as an Accredited University of International Education Quality Assurance System by Ministry of Education
    Accredited University of University Accreditation System by Korean University Accreditation Institute


  • 2018. 02
    Selected to University Job Center Project by the Ministry of Employment and Labor The Inauguration of the 13th President of the University, Dr. Chang, Young Dal
  • 04
    Selected as the best university by the Ministry of Education, Industry view university evaluation (Software field)
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Jeonju Campus
Woosuk University, 443, Samnye-ro, Samnye-eup, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 55338, Rep. of KOREA.
Jincheon Campus

Woosuk University, 66, Daehak-ro, Jincheon-eup, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, 27841, Rep. of KOREA

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