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The Korean Ministry of Education carried out an assessment of teachers, rate of retention, employment rate and management satisfaction and Woosuk university performed well. The university received the highest level of evaluation‘A’across the stated criteria.

Residence Halls

Life in a residence hall

  • Living in a residence hall is a great way to make friends and helps new international students settle in straight away to a new life on foreign soil. Life in the vibrant cosmopolitan environment of residence halls gives students the chance to meet and start life-long friendships with people from all walks of life and from every corner of the world.

Residence halls at Woosuk

  • The University prides itself on offering a guarantee to most new students applying for accommodation on campus, as well as to all international students for the duration of their time studying here. It has four comfortable residence halls on campus, two for female and another two for male students. They are a self-contained community with its own common room, gym, general store, laundry, cafeteria, cinema room and a hectic programme of social activities throughout the year.

Types and services of rooms

  • All rooms of the residence halls are en-suite rooms completely air conditioned with modern fixtures and fittings including a washbasin, shower and toilet. There are differences in the rent payable for the variety of room types. Typically the rent for a single occupancy en-suite room is KRW 100,000 per term more than that for a twin occupancy one, which amounts approximately to KRW 500,000.
    Cooking facilities and exceptionally fast broadband service, let alone electricity and water are provided at no extra cost. Included in the rent for this half-catered accommodation are breakfast and dinner, Monday to Friday except during vacation times when catering is not provided.

Security operations and counselling services

  • To ensure safety and welfare of students, the University has excellent security provision as well as on-site pastoral teams. There is an effective combination of CCTV coverage and security patrols operating around the residence halls and security staff are available on call 24 hours a day. Moreover, all the residences have an experienced team of committed tutors living in-house who provide an important source of guidance and support for students.

Provisions for the disabled

  • Wherever possible, provisions are made for students with medical or other special requirements such as adaptation of facilities, special dietary arrangements and assignment of low-floor accommodation.

Private accommodation

  • In case any student would opt out in preference for non-University private accommodation, they can take either catered or self-catering studios, consisting of one room which provides open-plan living space including small kitchenette and en-suite facilities. Most studios in the private sector are available within a few hundred metres from the University.


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